Hi Everyone, 

My name is Christina Mathewson. I am many things… a Mother, Teacher, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Author, YouTuber and so much more. 

All of which works together to help me help you. 

My passion for alternative health began when I was pregnant with my first children 20 years ago, when I was first diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. 

As a child I watched my father get diagnosised with diabetes and I remember watching what he went through and made a promise to myself at the ripe old age of 13 that if I ever got that, that I would just end my life because I didn’t want to live life like that.

Then a decade later I received that diagnosis and suddenly my world changed… and it wasn’t just about me… it was about this beautiful baby that was growing inside of me. So I set about on a mission to figure out what the disease was and how to help myself naturally make changes. 

And that is where it all began. 

Since that time I have continued to learn, study and implement in my own life the tools and knowledge that I gained through the decades. 

ALong the journey I had people ask me “Can you help me” which birthed my first steps into seeing clients and stepping out into health coaching, recipe writing and blogging.  Which in turn lead to further formal study in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine.

Yet I still knew there was a missing link. 

The mindset. 

I saw it happen over and over again, where people where getting results taking the actions they needed to but over time or sometimes suddenly, they would stop doing them. And that is when I learnt the power of the mind and undertook more study to add skills like NLP and Emotion Coaching to my skill set. 

Now today, I would to combine the two. Transforming the mind and body, together. 

My Passion

My Philosophy comes from the place of knowing that your body is amazingly designed and isn’t necessarily broken or trying to harm you. It’s actually working really hard to keep you alive and healthy, but it sometimes doesn’t have all that it needs to do that in the most effective way.  That is where I come in. 

I have a passion for listening to the body and teaching my clients how to hear what it’s saying, so they can respond to it with love and compassion, knowing that there are trillions of cells all working to make your health as optiumal as with what it has available to it… when it has more or better, it can do more and do better. 

So lets learn to listen to it and come back to the place of compassion and understanding. 

My Goals

I am what I call a food based practitioner… where I will always choose food first before I look at herbs and supplements, and my goal it to help you move towards a food based life as much as possible. Understanding that there are some complexities that for some people to be food and lifestyle only. 

I see supplements, herbal tonics, and other therapies as tools that can help us on the journey back to rebalancing, however the most effective tools are the things that you feed yourself everyday, what you put on your skin and the lifestyle that you lead.