Almond peach crunch (GAPS Slice)

Hi everyone!

So we have now been on GAPS for a whole month and I think I’m winning!  I’m seeing improvements in my youngest son’s development with our schoolwork and his memory recall which is awesome and a very big reason why we have restarted our GAPS journey after 4 years.   We are all generally feeling better and guess what my children said to me the other night at dinner…. “Mum, I think this GAPS food is so much yummier than before we were on GAPS!!”, Are you serious!? did I just hear that! I could hardly believe they actually said it to me, but it means I’m winning.  My first personal goal with them was to make lots of tasty dishes and win them over with how yummy things can taste, and help them not feel like they are being deprived because there is a lot of things that they were eating before that aren’t on our ‘do not eat’ list.  

Confession time:  Within our first month there have been a few occasions where I have allowed them  eat non GAPS food. One of these occasions I had pre decided before we started GAPS that they would be allowed to just enjoy a particular show day and where food gifts would be given, knowing that it would be a special rare occasion, and we had only been on GAPS for a week at that stage, and the event was organised before we started- I decided I didn’t want to wait until all the events like this were out of the way before starting, because that day would never come, and there could always be a reason not to start.

Another event was at a teen homeschooling event, where I first made my children fill up on GAPS food and then have one or two items that others had brought along. For me this was a learning curve and I actually hadn’t prepared myself enough for the event with plenty of fun food being on offer for them.  Finally, the last occasion was at church where they were given food my the ministry team before I could do anything about it. Like I said, it’s a learning curve again- and I’m sharing this with you, so that you don’t have feel that these mishaps etc; have to be the end of the healing, and can also be a learning experience for your children as well! After the teen event, one of the children shared how they had a slice of cake and immediately their stomach felt like it was burning.  They had never experienced that before.  Hence a good learning curve for them too. 

So the Almond Peach Crunch recipe.  This recipe came about through my desire to make food fun for my children and to make some treats that they could have occasionally- and then we might be able to take to some of these tasty treats to events in the future for them.  I would like to remind people that it was a treat, made with healthy foods, but too much of it, and it will take stomach space away from the healing and nourishing foods that are going to do the work of repair and rebuilding the gut, which is the main aim of doing GAPS.


It is nice to have some things ready and available for those times when your child does go to a birthday party or a special event- when you are on a stage of GAPS that allows for that.  So in that spirit I saw a recipe for a nut slice come up in one of my emails with plenty of non GAPS ingredients and I started playing with it to see what I could come up with, and here it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family do.  If you do decide to give it a try let me know how you find it and please feel free to tag me in any instagram or facebook photos of your products. 

Christina Mathewson,
Naturopath, Herbalist and GAPS Practitioner.