Hi, If you are new here, my name is Christina.

I’m a Naturopath and mother of 7 children that we homeschool, and in 2022, after working long hours to help other people with their health and well-being, my health reached a critical point on my to-do list. 


My Health

My fasting blood glucose levels have reached an all-time high of 21.1 mmol/L (380 mg/dl), and I knew I was out of time to waste and had to do something fast.  Within two weeks, I jumped onto the standard Carnivore diet, and now, two years later, I haven’t looked back.  I have, but only to say goodbye to the ways of the past as I rejoice in being medication-free and having blood sugar levels that are within a normal range. 

I’ve dedicated the last two years to further learning and researching metabolic function, nutritionally balancing the macros and micros for each Carnivore healing journey phase, and unpacking the mindset for long-term weight loss. 

And I’m now ready to teach what I know. 


Birth of a Course

Having had my journey and experience, I understand the challenges many face as they try to reclaim their health. They are faced with a sea of mixed information and the social conditioning we have received around food and health for most of our lives. 


The motto “Just eat meat and salt” doesn’t work for everyone, simply because we aren’t all the same. We have come from different backgrounds; we have different hormonal cycles, imbalances, medical histories, surgeries, and so much more that all come into play when trying to create the best, healthiest version of ourselves.

While the underlying themes are often similar, understanding the differences can make a world of difference when it comes to tweaking and changing things to support your situation, and for me, Carnivore is about creating healing, not creating a new dogma to follow. 


So for this reason and a whole heap more, I’ve created ‘The Carnivore Course’.  


The course is designed to walk you through all the things you need to know when starting your journey, unpacking the theory and philosophy behind it, delving into anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and more so that you can understand the why’s and how’s and thus be able to make the changes that support your body with the understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing. 


No Topic is off the table. 

Together, as we adventure through the lessons, we have plenty of opportunity to explore challenges you may be facing, dig deeper into understanding concepts and answer questions that have been hanging in your mind.

The Carnivore Course

Week 1: Introduction to the Carnivore Diet

– Understanding the basics of the Carnivore diet

– Historical perspectives and modern adaptations

– Different versions, Lion’s Diet, Strict Carnivore, Standard Carnivore, Ketovore, HyperCarnivore, what does it all mean and which one is right for you?


Week 2: Nutritional Foundations

– Exploring essential nutrients in meat

– Addressing common concerns about nutrient deficiencies

– Looking where you can get what thing.

– What you need to consider when choosing the right food. 


Week 3: Biochemistry and Hormones

– Blood Glucose, Ketones, GKI, Autophagy

– Fasting, Mono Eating, 16:8, OMAD (one meal a day)

– Blood work to track


Week 4: Detoxing, Digestion and Gut Health

– How the Carnivore diet impacts digestion

– Addressing common digestive challenges and optimising gut

– MTHFR gene mutation

– Detoxification Support


Week 5: Weight Management

– Understanding weight fluctuations on the Carnivore diet

– Strategies for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

– Mindset of weight loss

– Thyroid health and Adrenal Function

Week 6: Navigating Social Situations

– Strategies for dining out and social events

– Communicating the Carnivore lifestyle to others

– Challenging the social norms. 


Week 7: Exercise and Fitness on the Carnivore Diet

– Tailoring workout routines for Carnivore enthusiasts

– Maximizing physical performance and recovery


Week 8: Mental Health and Cognitive Benefits

– Exploring the potential impacts on mood and cognition

– Managing stress and mental well-being-

– Balancing NeuroHealth


Week 9: Common Myths and Misconceptions

– Addressing misconceptions about the Carnivore diet

– Separating fact from fiction


Week 10: Troubleshooting and Fine-Tuning

– Identifying and addressing potential challenges

– Fine-tuning the diet for individual needs


Week 11: Long-Term Sustainability

– Sustainability of the Carnivore diet over time

– Potential adjustments for evolving nutritional needs


Week 12: Gradual Transition and Next Steps

– Transitioning out of the course and into long-term practice

– Resources for continued learning and community support

Purchase your spot today $299- https://py.pl/1UBHmq


Sydney: Friday 23rd of Feb 11 am (ADST) 

Chicago Central Time: Thursday 22nd of Feb 6 pm 

The Carnivore Course will have an FB Group to connect and hold recordings, and Live Classes will run via Zoom calls weekly at the above times. 

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