Who am I

Hi, I'm Christina

Hi there and welcome. I’m Christina… and a Naturopath, Nutritionist Herbalist, GAPS Practitioner, Life Coach and I’m a Carnivore. 

Making the decision to go Carnivore was both an easy one but also a challenging one as well.  As you may know it’s a radical decision to eliminating all foods that aren’t animal based … with a few exceptions depending on your personal health. 

Which is Radical in the world we currently live in today.

However the I needed something Radical… because I had allowed things to get out of control.  

My weight loss had  stopped, my energy was dramatically down, my blood glucose was sky rocketing, my hair was falling and thinning, I wasn’t feeling great and I knew I need to take control. 

So I did

Taking back control

So for me that radical change came in the way of Carnivore, something that I naturally instinctively did when I was pregnant and had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 

And something that I had done with clients to help them create the goals they had for themselves and their health… I just didn’t have the carnivore name for it. 

So when I decided to leap into this myself I though I would document my progress and share that with my community. 

And heres my results so far. 
 – 12 kgs of weight lost (32kgs in total over the last 2 years)

– Blood glucose is returning to normal 

– My hair is regrowing and doubled in thickness

– My energy levels are way up. 

–  And my zest for life is back! 

which is why I can stop sharing about how this has changed my life. 

And why I’ve created this support group… to help others that are looking to see what Carnivore might offer them.  
When we do things together we are far more likely to be successful

Need to know more about Carnivore?

Then your welcome to purchase the replay of Carnivore Explained… Where I share the ins and outs of the protocol, the why’s and the theories behind the transition

Let's do this together!

What's included?

Voxer Support Group

Voxer is a voice messenger app, that allows you to speak or message me and the group directly. 

Dropbox Resourse

Meal Plan, Recipe, Supporting documents are housed in drop box, so you can download them for your own use and delivered to your email box when updated. 

Monthly Zoom Call

Each month, there is a group zoom call where you can connect online and discuss things directly on the call. 

First Monday of the Month 8pm AEST

Working with a professional

You’ll be working with a practitioner that no only has used this with clients… but is actually using it herself to support her own health. 

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$44 per month

Need Private Help?

You can add a personalised consult a month along with all the above for $122

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