Are you struggling with health issues?

High blood pressure,
Low energy,
Sleep Issues,
High stress,
Diabetes or Pre-diabetes,

Digestive Issues,
Nervous system/sleep problems,
Diet Issues,
Respiratory issues,
Reproductive problems,
Mental health issues,
Behavioural/learning disorders,

Are you being held back from experience the most life has for you because your health or the health of your children is not as it should be, and you don’t know what to do?
You know you need to make a change and are completely overwhelmed by what it take to make the changes? you don’t know where to start? how to start? where to turn?

What you really need is support and coaching.

That is where I come in.  My role is to assist you in making the changes that will create an impact of the rest of your life. Helping you propel yourself and your children in to the future that you deserve.


"I was introduced to Christina during a health crisis after an emergency caesarean. She has offered me practical, emotional and ongoing support during my time in hospital and complimented conventional medicines with alternative and natural treatments. I believe Christina's support has been a beneficial part of helping my body to continue to heal. Christina always answers my questions and concerns quickly and respectfully and I am extremely grateful for all her help during such a challenging time."
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