Detox baths

detox baths

 Top 5 Detoxing Bath Tools

When doing a healing diet like GAPS or just trying to maintain your general health, ‘ Detoxing’  can be a big part of that. We live in a very toxic world compared to the generations that have gone before us, so we need more than ever to help support our body systems to effectively detox and remove the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.   Of course the first step is to remove as much of our exposure to toxins as possible, cleaning with products that aren’t toxic and drinking water that hasn’t got toxins added to it, etc.  The next step is help support the different detoxing body systems to function well. We have several detoxing organs: lungs, liver, bowels, kidneys and skin.  Detoxing baths help to support toxin removal via the skin.  So here goes, the top 5 things that I use for detox baths in my home.

Number 1 on my list is Epsom salt.

detoxing baths

Epsom salts is not actually a salt. It is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound, composed of magnesium and sulfate. It  has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty, household and gardening-related uses. Its perfect for detox baths because it draws out toxins while you are relaxing in a hot bath. The Magnesium and sulfate is readily absorbed through the skin, and there is exchange that happens between the skin. minerals for toxins.  Some of the other benefits of epsom salt baths are – Easing stress and relaxes that body, Relieves pain and muscle cramps, Relieves constipation, and of course Eliminates toxins from the body. It is my personal go to whenever the children get sick, helping their immune system to fight off bugs by relieving it of some of its workload.

1-2 cups in a normal size bath, and stay in the bath until the water is cool.

2.  Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Bath

Detox baths

Apple Cider Vinger (ACV) can benefit the body both taken internally, and used externally. In a detox bath it’s great to help conditions such as  arthritis and gout, as well as anything else caused by inflammation, along with assisting with falling asleep. It’s a great overall detoxifier and for muscle aches and pains and particularly useful for those with candida issues, as it help to rebalance the ph levels of the body and also helpful for those with excessive body odour issues.

Add 1-2 cups of pure apple cider vinegar to a regular sized tub of water as hot as tolerated. Use more as needed if your tub is oversized. Stay in the bath until the water has cooled which will be about 45 minutes.

3. Baking Soda Detox

Detoxing bath

Many have baking soda in the kitchen cupboard to use for baking as well as cleaning, but did you know that baking soda has some great benefits for detoxifation as well? Baking soda can help to  promote the elimination of toxins, as well as neutralising the ph balance of the skin, along with softening dry skin.

Baking soda is particularly helpful for relieving pain in hemorrhoids, yeast infections, fissure, genital or buttock irrations, itching and reduces burning sensations.  It alkalises the bath water leaving the skin feeling silky and clean, and is one my favourites to help with children with eczema.

4. Seaweed Detox Bath

detoxing bath

Seaweed is particularly great at supporting detoxification and removing excess build up of the fluid in the tissues, it stimpulations the lymphatic system which in turn boosts the immune system, increases energy levels, and reduces stress.  Seaweed is also known to enhance liver function, wound healing and blood flow

** Seaweed does however come with a caution for some, because of it’s particularly good detoxing properties for some people on GAPS and other healing protocol it can be too detoxing to start with.

To use add 1/4 – 1 cup into a hot/warm bath.

5. Bentonite Clay Detox Bath

detox bath

The benefits of clay have been know for centuries to help improve nutrients and rid the body of toxins. You may see animals instinctively eating dirt and clay to assist there bodies in the removal of poisons and toxins in times of illness.  Bentonite clay has been used both internally to remove toxins as well as externally.

Clay can be used externally for skin care recipes, mud pack/masks. poultice and of course in baths. Bentonite clay has strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charges in the toxins.  It also has an alkalizing effect on the body and can be used internally in candida treatments, as well as other gastro intestinal issues. Bentonite clay is high in minerals such as silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium.

Detox baths

Feeling Particularly unwell – Try this recipe in your detox bath

  • 1/4 cup Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt
  • 1/4 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1/4 cup Baking Soda
  • 1/4 cup Seaweed powder.
  • 1/3 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Favourite essential oil if desired (I use 10 drops of peppermint or lavender)