Die-off Symptoms

Fermented foods and therapeutic strength probiotics will produce this so-called “die-off” reaction. As the probiotic bacteria make it to your digestive system, they start destroying pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When these pathogens die they release toxins and these are the toxins that give you your symptoms, so whatever is typical for you may temporarily get worse until it clears from your system.

When you are experiencing die-off it’s useful to increase your fat intake as well as taking a detox bath. Some toxicity will leave your body through your pores and go into the bathwater, while at the same time you’ll take in some nutrients from whatever you’ve added to the bath. That takes some burden off your liver and kidneys to detoxify the substances that were released.

To control die-off reactions, introduce fermented foods slowly and start with a low dose of probiotic supplements, gradually working up to the therapeutic level. Once you’re at the therapeutic level you’ll continue that amount for at least 6 months.

Die-off symptoms include but are limited to:

• Fatigue

• Nausea

• Bloating

• Diarrhoea

• Constipation

• Low-grade fever

• Headache

• Cold/Flu like symptoms

• Skin eruptions

• Lethargy

• Depression

• Irritability

• Frequent urination

• Vomiting

• Tummy Pain

If there are none then, increase the dose slowly. When you see a reaction, settle on this dose until the “die-off” symptoms disappear. Then increase the dose again and settle on it. Keep increasing the dose until a therapeutic level is reached. Once you have reached the therapeutic dose level, it should be maintained for approximately six months on average. Start by determining the smallest amount you can tolerant and slowly increase from there.

**Beware that die-off symptoms can come in cycles. When everything is stable you can develop die-off symptoms as the body releases more toxins.**