Are you ready to thrive?

I mean really thrive!!!

—>>> Having some much energy that you can’t wait to get up in the morning.

I hope your answer is YES!

I’ve been working in the field of natural health now for 10 years, and I can tell you over and over the problems that I see with many of my clients is not being about to stick to what their body needs at the stage they are at.

I can literally give them the perfect diet for their body… that will help them create the amazing results that they want… but if they don’t do it, they won’t get the results.

… This in part is the diet merry-go-round that many women find themselves on… they go on a diet to loose weight… and then they can’t sustain it, or they hit there goal weight and stop doing the diet.  Gaining back what they lost plus more… feeding in to the cycle that there is something wrong with them and their body.

What happened was that nothing really changed for them. Internally they still have the wounds of the spirit, they still have the beliefs and thinking that created their results and their body had now been through some more abuse and deprivation.  

This is where I see the work needs to be done… if we change the thinking and thought life that create the behaviour we have much more success in changing the behaviour and it becomes much less about will power and much more about creating flow in their lives. 

—>>> and it’s not because it’s actually too hard… with the right support and preparation, it’s all completely doable.

The problem actually is mind, spirit and body;

  • The conditioning of our culture around food
  • The stories that we have created through our lives
  • The lack of trustworthiness in ourselves
  • The story of just a little bit
  • The disassociation with yourself
  • The mother wounds your carrying
  • The belief systems you have created
  • The values your not living out
  • The subconscious patterning that drives your bus.
  • The addicted brain

…. all that and so much more.

Correcting the above is how we move from PUSHING, STRIVING, GRITTING our way to success and moving into the flow.

  • Where beautiful actions come out of beautiful thoughts.
  • Where you get to love all the parts of yourself
  • Where you move into congruency within yourselfand it’s even more than that…

—>>> It’s where you GET to truly start to build trust within yourself and see how AMAZING you really are.

Divinely Nourished is about allowing yourself to begin the healing in all the parts of your life… and allowing the DIVINE to come and walk with you on the journey… to restoration… because there is so much more for you in life.

And you are allowed to THRIVE!

*** Come and join me for three months of working through Divinely Nourished… the content of my book, explore the ideas, implications and journey with me.

Starting 25th of Nov.

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See you there.

Much love and many blessings

Christina Mathewson