Let's talk about self sabotage...

Self Sabotage… we all do it one way or another.

You might have found yourself working towards a goal, moving to creating something and trying to progress on a journey, whether it be in the your relationship, career, business, life, etc 

… and you might find yourself getting stuck or doing the opposite of what you say you actually want to be doing. 

It’s in these times of our lives that we are actually being presented with amazing opportunities to heal. 

We self sabotage for a reason, and often that reason is for some sort of protection… when we bring our attention to the previous wound, allow ourselves to feel the emotions and be willing to see things differently, we can heal the wounds that are keeping us from moving forward. 

And that is where EMBODIED can help. 


Journaling is a really powerful tool to help up find, discover, uncover some of the stories and beliefs that we have that keep up in those stuck places. 

Its also a beautiful tool that we can use to help work through the heal the stories, wounds and messages from the past, so we can move forward into the new. 

Therefore journally forms the based of Embodied. 

Which is a 4 week experience, with daily journal prompts and weekly group zoom coaching sessions. 

So we can take what we are discovering in our journals, work through them and create new beliefs and new behaviours and actions that come out of those new beliefs. 

Starting of the 1st of Feb

Embodied is all about uncovering what you are currently emboding and walking out. 
Deciding if that serves you or if your ready to let go and heal… and create something new. 

28 x daily journal prompts (via email and facebook)

4x Weekly Group Zoom Sessions – Tuesday nights at 8pm (ADST) 

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