A Large Stainless Steel Pot

Being able to make large batches of broth is very useful for cutting down kitchen time and broth is an ingredient that is to be consumed every day in as many meals and ways as possible to speed up the healing.

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are an amazing tool for a ‘set and forget’ meal, busy days, keeping soups warm, and generally making the cooking process easier. You can put food in them in the morning and have it cooked perfectly for intro and full gaps ready for the evening.

Immersion Blender/Stick Blender

They are very useful for blending gravies and soups directly in the pot.

Food Processor

A food processor with a slicing disk is really helpful in helping to cut down production time when making krauts and other fermented veggies.


This isn’t an essential one, but it sure makes life easier. It’s very useful in cooking meals while you have other kitchen jobs to do. Also very useful with it comes to making your own nut butter, flours, and baked items, making homemade yoghurt easily.

Wide mouth mason jars.

Jars come in handy for so many things, storing food, yoghurt, broth, mayo, dressings, and fermenting.


The dehydrator can help with preserving food that you may be lucky to get on sale and need to make the most of- fruit for example; along with making things like jerky and activated nuts.

Good quality knives

You going to be doing a lot of chopping so why not make it fun with a good set of knives that make it easier!

Wide mouth thermos

These are really useful for taking soups and stews with you on the go, school and work lunches for example.


Very useful for taking food with you while out and about, doing jobs, weekend sports, social gatherings etc.

Printables – Equipment for GAPS