Welcome to MY Gut Health Program

                  —>  The gut is the powerhouse of the body  <—

Every function of the body relies on the gut to be working well, bring in nutrients, breaking them down and converting them into usable resources in order to work effectively and efficiently.

There are many things that can go wrong in the processes of digestion, however, it’s often the last things that is looked at when it comes to health. 

You can be putting in the most beautiful organic, local, in-season food, however, if you not digesting and breaking them down into their nutritional factors and then absorb them, they aren’t really benefiting you and you’re not getting the most out of them. 

Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut” and I have to agree with him.  

No matter what chronic health condition my patient has, there is always some level of gut work that is required in order to help support them and to bring their body back into a state of ease.

It is for that reason that I have created my Gut Health Program, based on the GAPS protocol created by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride.

Having been a GAPS Practitioner for 5 years and having done GAPS for myself and my family, along with walking hundreds of families through the diet protocol. In that time I have found many common themes that come up for people trying to work through the protocol themselves;

  1. There is a lot of confusion about the GAPS diet protocol. 
  2. A million voices on the internet telling you how you should do it, all with different rules, etc.
  3. There is a lack of understanding about why’s behind the actions of gut-healing the protocol. 
  4. “Experts” that don’t understand that it’s designed to be a protocol that you move through. You don’t stay in the stages forever, and if you have trouble moving forward that is where you may need some extra support for the body and gut. 
  5. Lack of understanding of the protocol itself and how it was always designed to be personalised with the support of a medical practitioner of some type. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to gut health and that we all have different circumstances, constitutional types, different food compatibilities, different available resources and so on. 

Many of my clients have been thinking about GAPS or doing some GUT work, but just don’t know what those changes look like; where to start, where to go next, and how to cook in a way that is both tasty and nutritious that your family will eat! Unsure how or when to introduce foods? 

That is where I step in!

As a GAPS Practitioner that has also done gut work with myself and my own family, I understand the unique challenges that families face and have invested the time and energy in making those changes for my own family. I know that life can be busy and that at times you need strategies to help you and your family transition and thriving, and that is one of the many things that I’m here to do!

Included in the Program;

  • 3x private appointments
  • Iridology, tongue, nail and health analysis
  • Unlimited Voxer/SMS/Email message support
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Personalised Plan 
  • Access to Naturopathic Life 
  • Access to Fermentation School 
  • 1x Hair Test Included
  • Mini DISC Behavioural Profile

Unlimited Message Support

This features of the package are one of the most useful Elements. 

It means you can ask me any many questions as you need, when you need. We all have those 5-minute questions or just need to talk about what happened that day or when is coming up over the next few days.

You can message via Voxer, SMS, or Email.

*** There is the 48-hour reply policy on this feature, as well all know life can get busy, children can become ill, or other things can crop up from time to time.


Connecting with others that are experiencing what you are going through is a fantastic tool to help you on your road to success.  There is nothing like chatting with another that knows what it is like to be in the kitchen preparing healthy meals for the family, only to have them refuse to eat it- or have children with severe digestive and allergy issues and have to be the person that takes all their food with them.

We have all experienced those comments from well-meaning friends and family; that say “you are being silly”, “it’s only a little bite”, “they will grow out of it”, “there isn’t really something wrong”.  But you know it’s more than nothing, they won’t just grow out of it, and you want better for your children.

That is where the support group helps so much because you are with a group of people that know what it is like to walk the journey of healing.

These sessions take place via zoom every Thursday night at 8pm (Tas Time) with the exception of public holidays. 

Join 12 Week Gut Program

Pay in Full

$ 2222
  • 12-Weeks Program

Monthly Payment Plan

$ 777
  • 12- Week Program

Client reviews

I'm so glad I decided to take Christina's program for my family. Christina is very down to earth, such a lovely person and very knowledgable. Doing the program through Christina took the stress off, with having constant support through the whole process. I have learnt a lot from the course and I would highly recommend Christina. Thanks!!!
Mother of 2
Christina was fantastic. The way the package was structured was so wonderful - I didn't feel I had to cram all my questions into one expensive session and stress if the time was ticking. I could email her anytime and access her replies when it suited me. She had great practical suggestions and tips for making funds stretch for a family. I loved the information sessions! Thanks Christina
Mother of 5
You will not regret your time with Christina. Her knowledge is incredible, she has a genuine care for each and every family member and she always has the time to answer even your smallest questions. So thankful for the help she gave us, and look forward to utilising her in the future!
Mother of 4

What happens after the 12-Weeks?

The 12-weeks is designed to give you a kickstart, set up on the right path for you and your family and to allow me to understand how you work.  After this, it becomes more individual as each family needs their own level of support. Some are good to go and don’t need any more support, others need to continue and find that community amazing and want to continue with the support moving forward. 

So after the 12-weeks, I have monthly follow-up programs that are available with a variety of levels of support, depending on what you found you need and used the most.  So don’t worry, whatever your need and whatever level of support you require, there a plan for you, and you are able to access these at a family friendly price that is only available to clients that have gone through the  program.