Hey, Lovelies!

It’s been a very busy month, with the end of some of my recent courses! If you’re like me, you’re also counting down the last month of winter, too!

Speaking of winter, it’s one of those times that most people don’t feel that great. A lot of my clients feel less like going out, and sometimes being stuck inside means feeling more congested and suffering quite a few different ailments.

One of the things I often use with my clients- especially in winter-  is Herbal teas. Herbal teas are a great way to treat lots of health issues- for everything from anxiety to Eczema! 

I use tea for my own family, and it’s often a gentle modality of healing that everyone in the family can get benefits from. Teas can help with fungal infections, immune system issues, coughs and colds, and even conditions like headaches and cramps!


Knowing how useful these herbs are, I’ve decided to offer an 8-week course, which should give you a good basic understanding of the value and purpose of herbs for various conditions!  

Here’s what I’ll be showing you in the 8 weeks:

Pre week: Getting to know herbs
* Herbal common names and Latin names.
* Glossary
* Links about where to buy herbs

Week 1: Adding Herbs to your daily life
* Herbs as food, and culinary herbs
* Harvesting, storing, and different blending types

Week 2: Herbs for the nervous system 
* blends for Anxiety
* blends for mood lifting
* Sleep time tea blend
* Energy enhancing blend
* Anxiety reducing blend for children

Week 3: Herbs for digestive ailments
*  Mouth ulcers
*  Bad Breath
*  Heartburn / Reflux
*  Constipation
*  Nausea
*  Stomach Aches
*  Flatulence and Bloating
*  Diarrhea.

Week 4: Herbs for skin issues
*  Acne Skin wash
*  Bites and stings
*  Eczema
*  Dandruff
*  Hair Tonic
*  Fungal infections
*  Psoriasis

Week 5: Herbs for the immune system 
☕️ ‘balancing’ tea
☕️ Immune boosting broth
☕️ Bacterial infection tea
☕️ Fungal infection tea
☕️ Viral infection tea
☕️ Thrush tea
☕️ Coughs and colds. tea
☕️ Sore throats tea
☕️ Congestion and sinus tea
☕️ Hayfever and Allergies tea
☕️ Asthma tea

Week 6: Herbs for the pain
* Cramps tea
* Headache tea
* Back pain blend
* Muscle soak
* General pain

Week 7: Herbs for the heart 
❤️ Cardio blend
❤️ Varicose veins blend
❤️Chilblains blend
❤️Anaemia tonic

Week 8: The Herbal First Aid Course
🚑 What I keep in stock for my family
🚑 How to design your personal first aid kit
🚑How to use those personalised herbs
🚑 Herbs for prevention

👶Herbs for kids conditions- colic, cradle cap, ear infections, fever, and head lice!


I’m really looking forward to sharing this course with you!

The course is currently in self-study mode and offered through Facebook and Dropbox