Plant medicine at its finest! Herbopathy is a course that people have asked me to create for a few years now. Fellow practitioners, home herbalists, empowered mothers have wanted to know how I make my herbals. So Herbopathy is born.

I invite you to join me in learning the skills of making herbal extracts, homeopathic medicine and Flower essences, and stepping into radical responsibility for your health, while embracing this sacred wisdom that has been passed down for generations.

Three Part Course

Herbal Extracts

6th Dec - 20th Dec

– Making Herbal Tinctures At Home,
– How to use them, combining
– What to use them for, formulating


10th Jan - 24th Jan

– How to turn your herbals into homoeopathic
– How to use them
– What to use them for and combining remedies.

Flower Essence

7th Feb - 21st Feb

– What are they.
– How to make them at home
– Combining them in remedies.


Teaching live via Zoom, 8pm (ADST) Monday nights. Recordings are available in a Facebook Group and Via Dropbox.

*** Practical and Theory Course. Please be prepared to make your own tincture, homeopathic and Flower essence, with weekly assignments. 

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