Homemade water purifier

Water is a really vital element to life and one of the things that we often have to try and do the best we can with. Ideally, it would be great if we could all have reverse osmosis filters on every single tap in our houses and gardens, but that isn’t an option for everyone; so in the spirit of doing the best we can with what we have, I’ll share a simple how-to that most people can do to  make the water they have, better. If a filtration system is not something you can afford then here is a few ideas:

Even our water- in the most of the developed world, has chlorine added to it to stop the growth of bacteria.  Our bodies are mostly bacteria- the bacterial cells in our body outweigh us by 10-1, so for every 1 human cell in our body there at 10 bacterial cells living in or on us.  So we don’t want our water killing them, therefore the first step to making our water better is to remove the chlorine.   Thankfully removing chlorine is an easy process because of its ability to evaporate when exposed to oxygen.

So there are two ways:

1. If you are in a hurry you can boil the water which speeds up the evaporation process, which will take around 10 mins of rapid boiling.

2. Or you can simply leave the water in an open-air vessel (glass jar for example) in the sunny spot for a few hours and it will be gone. The process is called ageing.

The next step is the remove as much of the other nasties like heavy metals and fluoride that we don’t want in our water. Here are three homemade filtration idea that is available to most people.

  1. Activated Charcoal
  2. Dried Cilantro
  3. Fresh Parsley 

1. Activated Charcoal- an inexpensive option that is used by many of the water filters on the market today to purify water. However, this isn’t as cheap as in the impoverished communities, and you will have to strain out the charcoal at the end.

2. Dried cilantro- A research team, lead by Douglas Schauer of Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette, IN, along with colleagues from the Universidad Politécnica de Francisco I. Madero in Hidalgo, Mexico, as well as with many other research teams around the world have been working on simple and affordable water purification tools. These research teams have found that dried cilantro and fresh parsley added to water are effective methods for removing heavy metals and other contaminants from the water.  So to do this at home, you simply add these herbs to your open aired vessel that you have placed in a sunny spot.   I highly recommend if this is something you are wanting to do that you either buy organic or start growing it at home for yourself, which is a very cheap alternative.