Insight – Beginners guide to iridology


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, I want to say that for me they are the windows to the internal workings of you and your body.

Iridology is one of the fundamental tools I use in my clinical practice to inform me about how your body works, constitution, typing, nurture points and how to best support your body.

"I love iridology, it is one of my favourite tools"

Now I want to impart my wisdom to you with this amazing tool. Insight is about giving you the tools to have insight into the health of your family and yourself, I'm all about empowering you to be as impactful in your own health journey as possible. Having a simple tool like iridology can lead you into understanding both your own emotional and physical health.
Christina Mathewson


Presented Via, 7x 1-hour zoom sessions, recording and slides available after the live presentations, in the Facebook Group and Dropbox


We will briefly look at the following
– History of Iridology
– Iridology tools
– Constitutional Types
– What does colour mean?
– Structures and Shapes
– Nurture points
– Digestion signs
– What do the veins suggest?
– Using Iridology as a part of the tool kit
– How do I take photos?
– So much more


There will be lots of opportunities for you to share photos, ask questions and practice. Along with sharing your own photos to get insight on them. 

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Kicking off - 25th of Nov 2021

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INSIGHT Session Dates and Times

  1. 25th of Nov
  2. 2nd of Dec
  3. 9th of Dec
  4. 16th of Dec
  5. 6th of Jan
  6. 13th of Jan
  7. 20th of Jan

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