Do it like an MTHFR!


Have you heard of MTHFR and wondered what it’s all about? do you have it and if it affects your family? Do it like an MTHFR course is all about learning how to live with this and many other gene mutations and even if you don’t have it… living like someone who does will only be of benefit to your health.

Our greatest weakness can be the birth place of our greatest GIFTS!

Christina Mathewson

1. What is a MTHFR?

What even is MTHFR. I've been told I have it, but what does that actually mean? What does it effect and what do I need to know.

3. Eating like a MTHFR

Is food actually important and why? what do I need to think about when create a healthy diet for myself?

5. Thinking like a MTHFR

Hmmm I need to think like an MTHFR, what does that mean? Is there something I need to consider when supporting my thought life and mental health?

2. Testing like a MTHFR

How do I test for MTHFR? Is there anything else I should test for and monitor? What do these tests mean, and why could they be important to me?

4. Behaving like a MTHFR

Are there specifics that are important with my lifestyle with MTHFR? What should I think about? what about supplements etc?

6. REproducting like a MTHFR

I have babies, want to have babies or just want to know how to care for my reproductive system, what do I need to consider and what support should I get?

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is starting the next live intake on the 3rd of March with live Zoom Sessions Weekly for 6 weeks held at 8pm Hobart Time. 

Week 1 – 3rd March

Week 2 – 10th March

Week 3 – 17th March

Week 4 – 24th March 

Week 5 – 31st March 

Week 6 – 7th April 

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Christina Mathewson

Hi, I’m Christina and have been working with clients for the last 15 years on their health issues. In those years there has been a growing treat of people who are symptomic with issues arrising from have the MTHFR gene mutation and not knowing how to support there health and wellbeing to get the most out of their health.

I’m creating this course to help you understand what’s going on and why knowing that you have MTHFR can be a super power of wellness if you let it.