All of our lives we have been taught about one path or another…


Now it’s time to embrace journeying down the NATURALPATH… and path that is hedged with herbs and plant medicine… and the path leads you to self discovery, learning the language of your body and how it functions. Seeing the wisdom in it’s logic.

As a mother I wanted to know how to look after the health of my children like those from generations gone by, with the aim to avoid as much un-neccessary medication and chronic health conditions as possible.


So I spent 20 years constantly learning as much as I could for my family and now I’m passing that knowledge on to you. 


Through the NATURALPATH Membership… You are welcome to join!


Monthly Format - In Facebook

1. Monthly Masterclass

Every month I teach a masterclass that is designed to help you grow your knowledge of the body, how it world, body systems, health conditions, and other topic that are important for developing a strong and robust wealth of knowledge.

2. Herbal & Nutritional Spotlight

We have a strong focus on teaching practical application skills of herbal and nutritional medicine. With Facebook Live class each month to teach a variety of skills, such as growing, making and creating herbal and nutritional medicine.

Mindset Focus

There is more to your health than just food and herbs. Your mindset has an important role to play in our wellness. What is happening in the physical is also happening in the emotional and spiritual as well. I bring your focus to what's going on in your thought life.


Once a month I host a live group coaching session, where you can connect with a like minded community and ask all the questions that you may have. For one hour, you have access to me and can ask any questions and seek short coaching to access what you need to for you and your family.


From day one, you have access to all previous classes that have taken place in the group and are making up the library of resources that are available for you use in your own time.


  • Dental Care Naturally
  • Detoxification
  • Natural First Aid
  • The Appendix – Not a useless organ
  • Gut Health
  • How gut health affects the brain 
  • Poo – All things poo
  • Iridology – iridology signs
  • Cholesterol – What does it really mean
  • GAPS – Gut & Psychology Syndrome
  • Body Logic
  • Self Sabotage – breaking the cycle


Herbal & Nutritional Spotlights And Recipes

  • Magnesium
  • Echinacea
  • Herbal throat spray 
  • Carrots are a power house
  • Immune tonic 
  • St Mary’s thistle
  • Dandelion
  • Bloodroot video, homeopathic and tincture
  • Herbal tea
  • Herbal tea gifts 
  • PMS herbal tea
  • What to consider when using herbs in your home
  • Making a herbal salve
  • Everything salve Recipe
  • Liver love tea blend 
  • Multi herbal tonic 

Mindset Monday’s

  • Anger: The emotion of the Liver
  • Personal power and gut health
  • Gratitude day
  • Emotional connection to the bowels
  • Reducing and managing stress
  • Synergy over the holidays
  • Honouring your body and your inner child
  • 5 love languages
  • 6 core needs
  • Your language creates your reality
  • Audit your influencers

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