Our Return to GAPS- Update 1.

GAPS Update 1.

Hi Everyone! So…. we have been back on GAPS close to 3 weeks, and WOW, it seems like that time has gone both fast and slow.  My goal for us at this stage of GAPS was to surprise the family (particularly the children), about how tasty GAPS could be! So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been cooking lots of tasty food for them to help- a). with the detoxing,  b). with sugar cravings and c). to help avoid the complaining that would surely come. 


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So how are we going?

Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. The first day Ben had detox symptoms pretty early on, by lunch time he was experiencing a headache and lacking in energy. On day 2 he started to peak up a bit.  I, on the other hand, was fine on day 1, but day 2 I had a migraine and same for day 3, which then started to improve- but even while we were all feeling tired, we were generally improving day by day. Now on day 18 however, I am writing this from my sick bed, as I’ve had a cold for the last 3 days.   The children have had no adverse reactions to speak of, but they were a bit emotional.  My youngest (currently 4) is finding the diet change the most difficult- over the last year she has gotten away with a few bad habits that haven’t been beneficial to her gut health, and she is finding the change a little bit challenging to come to terms with at times.  

There is food everywhere!!!!

One of the challenges in our change back to GAPS is how much food is thrown at our children!  I had somewhat forgotten about that, over the last couple of years. We attended a new church the first Sunday back on GAPS and some of our children participated in the children’s program- during which they were given chocolate, biscuits and cordial! I was so mad. I hadn’t even thought about food being an issue during a service- I had thought afterwards it might be, but not during!  Then of course there are times when you go and visit people, and things like homeschool gatherings, birthdays, etc- All of which I’ve enjoyed not worrying about for the last few years, but now it’s all coming back to me and reminding me how much we, as a culture have attached ourselves to poor eating habits.

I’ve talked with my GAPS group on a number of occasions about how challenging it can be, because so many people in our lives show their love through food- and that food is not always to our benefit. These well meaning people can be deeply hurt and offended when we refuse their food, because from their point of view we are are refusing their love! However that is not what we are doing- we are trying to create healing in our bodies, so for some of us, we will still be around to give and receive that love for one other. The healing is really about giving people the freedom to enjoy the love they are being given through food.  This message can be hard to communicate to those that don’t really understand the power of food as medicine and how much it can alter our lives. For me personally, I need this change so that I can be cleanse and rebuild my body from the damage that it sustained bringing my precious baby into the world- so that I can be here for her and my other children as long as possible, and also so I can continue helping my clients to bring healing into their lives. 

The supermarket nightmare.

So of course the supermarket is full of non – GAPS food, which for me isn’t a big issue but for my children it reaalllly is!  They are still very much getting used to the idea of not eating the junk food- which makes up at least 80% of supermarket stock.  Last week I took them into the supermarket with me while I grabbed a few things to make a tasty lunch to take with us to our homeschool group.  The first things they came across was a freezer full of icecreams. They just stood there lusting over them, like moths attracted to a flame.  Like zombies.  Marcella (my youngest) is finding this the most challenging, as supermarkets have all their easter wares outs (and have done since the day after Christmas!) Everything that she wants at the supermarket is full of damaging ingredients, except the fruit isle which she doesn’t count as a treat yet! (she will get there…eventually She has at least two years to do so, maybe even more). 

Much love and many blessings,


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