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More than just food, more than just herbs, or more than just lifestyle….While it’s a big part of it, it’s never the whole thing.

—>>> It was ALL THAT, PLUS mindset!

Because we are WHOLE BEINGS…. and whole beings need WHOLE treatments… where all the parts of us are nourished.

Coaching provides us with another tool in your tool kit to help create that healing.


I learnt early on in my career as a Naturopath that I could create the perfect plain for a client, but for it to work the client needs to  take actions and do the work.

And time and time again… I see clients struggling to take the actions, not because it’s hard but because of the the stories and beliefs that they have learn over their life create a self sabotaging cycle that blocks them from moving forward.

—>>> And I realised, that to empower them to get lasting, meaningful results, I MUST include coaching into my practice.

—>>> I was literally doing them a disservice by not being able to offer that to them…

—>>> And… Implementing it into my Naturopathic business in order to not just help my clients but EMPOWER them to REVOLUTIONISE their lives.

Coaching Academy For Healers is a 5-month course, where you learn the hows of coaching to lead others through the healing journey, gaining the skills to trust your intuition as you walk through the process of coaching and being coached.

Guiding your clients as they unpack the blocks in their lives…

Shifting the heavy burdens that they have been weighing them down… and …. calling them in to life that is full of passion, purpose, and inspiration…

…and overflowing with love for themselves and their family.

Coaching was the missing piece


Coaching is an everyday part of my everyday business.

And… I have been coaching and mentoring healers in all sorts of different modalities from Health Coaches, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Nutritionists, TCM practitioners, Reiki Practitioners, and Sound therapists. Both privately and in my group membership for close to 4 years now…

One of the things that many of them have in common is that they know their craft… but they were not taught the skills to coach their clients. – How to use language, ask good quality questions, keep clients on track, and get to the root causes of emotional drivers…

—>>> This is why Coaching Academy For Healers was birthed!!!

It was birthed out of a desire to see my fellow light workers and healers create DEEP IMPACT and change for their clients, but working on the cause from ALL the angles…

Empowering them to love themselves and create NEW strategies that serve them…

SO here it is!!!!

Coaching Academy For Healers…specifically designed for those in the healing arts…

Over the 20 weeks together we will be looking at:

1. What is a Coach?
2. Creating your first coaching session.
3. Communication is Key.
4. Active listening is a skill.
5. Living in Alignment.
6. Great questions create great answers Part 1.
7. Great questions create great answers Part 2.
8. Understanding Personal/Behavioural Typings.
9. Personal Drivers & Needs (we are all different).
10. Creating a plan for your client’s success.
11. Principles of abundance Part 1.
12. Principles of abundance Part 2.
13. The moments that define us.
14. The Skill of chunking.
15. Emotional connection to physical conditions.
16. What if this was for you?
17. The Shadow side of self.
18. Masks, Roles, and Wounds.
19. You’re Practice.
20. Final Session: Practice and play.

These will be intensive sessions, full of practical support and examples, live coaching demonstrations, and guidance in a supportive environment.

  • 20  weekly Recorded (live during live rounds) zoom sessions
  • Coaching Resources to build your tool kit.  (all available via dropbox and the facebook group)
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Email and Messenger Support when needed as you go through the course

    Email to find out when the next live round is taking place


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