Sour Dough Bread Baking for Beginners

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Have you always wanted to know how to make sourdough bread?

Sourdough for Beginners is designed for people who are real beginners. As a mum of 7 children, I want to feed my family the best I possibly can and we have to work to a budget as well.  Making your own sourdough can is one of the ways to meet the goals of feeding your family the best in a way that supports your budget as well.

Sourdough for beginners is just that, a cause for beginners. We will start with the very basics of sourdough making. Starting with the sourdough starter, what is it, why do we need it and how do we make it.

The course is made up of a combination of;

  • Demonstration videos,
  • Printable recipes
  • 4-course information sessions (9 am Friday Mornings)
  • Making your own sourdough starter
  • Kneading
  • Shaping
  • Baking
  • Bread Variations
  • No-knead bucket method.

Who is this course suitable for?
This course is, quite simply, suitable for beginners, covering the basics to get the student up and running with sourdough baking. As this course is completed online, it is ideal for students from all over the world. This course is for those who wish to learn the skills for home baking and those starting out.

How does the course work?
This online course is entirely online beginning on the 10th of June, however, you can use it as a  self-led and self-paced course anytime after that date. You will have lifetime access to all the videos, recipes and printable information sheets so you can dip in and out of it whenever it suits you.

There is the option to connect with others via the Facebook  Group (details are given upon signup) where you share your breading making fun, ask questions and interact with other new bakers.

What will I learn?
What a sourdough, why do we want to have sourdough over other versions of bread?

How to make your own sourdough starter
How to feed, maintain, store and get the most from your sourdough starter
Key ingredients and equipment needed to make great sourdough bread, simple version.
What is the most ideal way to knead and prove your sourdough
Using proving baskets and how to shape your sourdough without them

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