Understanding the GAPS Diet – Course



Understanding the GAPS Diet…. 🎉 🎉🎉

As a GAPS Practitioner,
👉 I’m coaching on GAPS every day of the week,
👉 I’m talking about GAPS every day of the week and👉 I’m thankful for the principles in the GAPS diet every day of the week.

👋 I’ve been coaching and supporting families with GAPS for over 8 years now… after doing it for my family and seeing so many great results. 💖💖💖

… And almost weekly I read questions of people seeking out information on
❓how it works,
❓what to do,
❓what’s the right thing for their family….

Some of them are ready to start working with a practitioner, some can’t afford to work with a practitioner and some are just beginning their thought process around the GAPS Diet.

Seeing the need for information and a deeper understanding of the principles of GAPS I’ve put together this 12-week course, aimed to equip you with the knowledge to confidently do GAPS for your family.

—>>> Understanding the GAPS diet

This course is designed to walk you through the why’s, the how’s and the what’s of the GAPS diet.

Over the 12 weeks, I’ll be sharing;

✨ – Gut and Psychology syndrome & Gut and Physiology Syndrome and how its all connected.
✨ – The logic behind the action,
✨ – All the stages of GAPS, GAPS Intro and Full GAPS and the difference between the two.
✨ – Things to take into consideration
✨ – Supplements on GAPS and why we take them out to begin with.
✨ – Parasites and Candida and the role they serve in the body.
✨ – The basic principles and how they are life long principles you can use for long term health.
✨ – Detoxification and why we need to support it.
✨ – The inner workings of the immune system

✨ – Die-off

✨ – Understanding the microbiome.

✨ – Environmental Influence

✨ – Frequently Asked Questions.

… and much much MORE 💫💫💫

And knowledge is power. 💥

🖇 If you have been thinking about the GAPS diet, trying to decide if this is for you, or your simply wanting to maintain great health for your family.

This is the course for you.

Join today 📲

Starting on the 18th of May.

Classes will be Wednesdays at 10 am via Zoom and the replays available in our support group, on Facebook.

$295 Pay in Full – https://bit.ly/2DpfQBA


$33 x 10 Weekly payments – https://bit.ly/3eh9XmH


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