Study, Business and Life for the Mathewson Family

Wow, it feels like it had been a long time since I have written to you all and shared about what has been happening for us. With study, business and life.  For those of you that are local and know me through my workshops, you may be aware that my family has moved from Launceston to Hobart. You may not be aware of why behind that big one, so here goes.  Towards the end of 2015, we were informed that we needed to move.   The house that we were living in was being sold, and they wanted to sell it empty.  So we needed to find a new one.  However, as a family of 9 (2 Adults and 7 children), that wasn’t an easy task in the time that we were given, so we end up homeless.  


For about two weeks were living with our children in a tent, which wasn’t a huge big deal for us. We had lived in a tent before when we were travelling around Tasmania before settling on an area to live. That was until we were flooded out and had to find alternatives.  I had family in Hobart, so that was our logical choice of destination.  When we arrived in Hobart, we were incredibly blessed to have friends that were awaiting the builders to start renovating their house before they moved in. So while they were waiting it was just sitting there empty. They were lovely enough to allow us to stay in there while we continued to look for a house.  In April 2016 we eventually after 3 months of homelessness we finally had a house again.  Needless to say, that was a very stressful time in our lives. The lack of control and not knowing what was going to happen, when or where we would get a house, etc.

A new perspective

It also provided us with the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. In that, we often have a particular view about how people find themselves without a home. Just as we have a certain view of the types of people that are homeless. We fitted into neither of the classical perspectives that most hold as truth. We also saw things from the standpoint of how people treat you when they learn you are without a home (or residentially challenged as my husband would put it).  Which was an eye-opening experience. Along with all of that, we saw just how different the housing market has changed since the last time we had gotten a rental property.


So most of 2016 was really about getting our family environment stable. Moving our furniture and setting u the house. Along with that both my husband and myself were studying and working.  Which for was not an easy time. At one point I was doing anatomy and physiology exams while we were still without a home. Along with educating our children and making an income to sustain us.

Study 2017

So now we are in 2017 and my husband Ben has finished his educational course and is now certified counsellor. By the end of the year I will have completed my studies and be a qualified naturopathy and western herbal medicine practitioner, and I look forward to bring you all the benefits of those many long years of study.

Introducing My Husband!

My husband Ben has done some guest posts in the past, sharing his views on GAPS from his experience, as well as sharing about nearly losing me in childbirth, but other than that I haven’t introduced him to you all.  So now I would love to introduce you to my husband Ben Mathewson who without which I wouldn’t be able to do the many things that I do today.  Ben has many passions including music, writing, and puns.  He likes to think of himself as one of the best Dad Joke tellers of all time. I can assure you Ben is not unless to win that title you have to make everyone in your house groan at the same time.   He is a father of 7 beautiful children that love him dearly.  Along with all of that he has just launched his business Ben Mathewson- Family Counsellor and has a great introductory offer that I would love to share with you all. He is looking for four clients to take up his offer.  While his title is a family counsellor, he also provides individual and couples counselling services.


If this proposal sounds like something you would like to take advantage of people email him at for more information, you can also book an appointment with him at