Surviving Percreta – Quirky Journey

A quirky journey

Surviving percreta plays a big role in how I deal with life and face daily issues.  Having come so close to losing my fight for life I have a new out look. I still believe a lot of things that I did before but I go after things harder. I don’t have time waste. I pursue things that I’m passion about more. I have a strong sense of purpose, that I survived for a reason.

So many women haven’t survived and have families and babies growing up without them. I was one of the blessed few. Thankfully with technology and surgical developments more and more women are making it but it’s a very scary reality that lots still don’t.

Late last year I had the opportunity to share my story with Jo Whitton fromQuirky Cooking.  GAPS plays a big role in my life, and a big part of my journey in recovery from the damage that percreta did to my body. SO I want to share my interview with you, my readers.  I hope you enjoy and leave me a comment on what you think about it.