Fermented Veggies

Fermented Garlic Carrot Sticks

Summer tends to be the time when people are out BBQ-ing and entertaining, loads of yummy dips and what better to dip with than vegetable crudites. Even better is to use fermented ones for the added benefits! So quick and easy too. Fermented Garlic Carrot Sticks Ingredients I12 carrots, cut into sticks 4 cloves of garlic …

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Fermented Rosemary Fennel

This ferment is great served with meat or fish, to help enhance the flavour of the meal. It also goes really well with slices of orange as a crispy summer salad. Fermented Rosemary Fennel Ingredients 2TBS of Whey or other culture starters 1 medium fennel bulb Zest and juice of 1/2 a lemon 1-2 TBS of …

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Fermented Cherry Tomatoes

We eat tomatoes with every meal.  The kids especially love cherry tomatoes and I go tons in the summer and end up giving loads away. BUT, not anymore! These fermented cherry tomatoes will see us through the cooler months and be good for our bellies too Fermented Cherry Tomatoes Ingredients 3 Cups of Cherry tomatoes or enough to …

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