2022 is coming...

And what will you do with it? Will next year be the same this year and the year before and the year before??? Or will you do something different. Will this be the year that you step into your calling?

We can response to our lives or we can create our lives

In 2016 I found myself living in a tent homeless with my 7 children and my husband… I was in the middle of completing my studies as a naturopath, sitting exams, learning chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, nutritional and plant medicine and so much more.  Not knowing what the next step would be.  In that moment I could have chosen to be the victim of my life or take control and do something about it. 

And to be honest, some days I was the total victim. 

However for more days I was the creator, the manifestor, the visionary. 

Seeing things that were not yet present and calling them into life, and taking the daily action that was required to get to the call in the life that I wanted to have.  

Because of that I went from;

Living a life on life support to creating a life I love
homeless to 6 figure business

A mother of seven to also being world class healer and coach

To believing I’m worth and loved and walking out that journey of self discovery and fulfilment. It’s a journey, one we don’t stop walking it, but one where we get to discover more and more about our selves as we continue the journey of releasing and letting go the old baggage and creating the new world and beliefs that we choose to experience. 

So how did I do it?

Lots of inspired action, Lots of believing in myself, Lots of mindset work, ... and lots of connecting with the Divine and walking in the presence daily.

What are you calling in for 2022?

Have you ever spent time really thinking about what it is you want, and how you want it to be? 
Giving yourself the gift of curiousity, and digging deep into the things that fill up your cup. 
And calling more of that into your life every step of the way?

What are you being called to?

I strongly believe that we all have a calling on our lives, things that we have been created for in this world.  As we give our attention to that divine guiding voice we are able to step into that divine calling or callings more and more every day. However we have always got a choice to be a part of that journey or not.  So what you being called into for 2022?

Are you hearing the calling?

The Calling is for those that are hearing the whispers of the divine inspiration in their lives, that know there is more for them and they are ready to start daily taking the action to call it in. Starting on the 1st of Jan 21 days of mindset activations. 3 Live group coaching sessions Vision Board Session Let's kick off 2022 with intention!

I'm ready to jump in!

Payment Plan – $22 x 5 weekly payments

Pay in Full – $99