The Great Awakening!!!

A time when people start to question everything❓❓❓
I can feel it in my BONES 🦴 that people are now lifting there heads out of the micro climate of their lives

😴 Waking up from their slumber of auto pilot living.

—>>> see what is happening around them…. on so many levels!!! 👀

💃🏻 Physical, 🧠 Emotional, 💖 Spiritual ….

—>>> Are you HAPPY 😆 with the way your life has been going, what your DOING everyday on a daily basis…. where your ENERGY is being focused…

…. is it aligned with who you are and who you WANT to be…

⏰ Now is the TIME to begin that questioning process…

This is YOUR wake up call 📞

🌟Am I living a life that is congruent with who I am created to be… am I in touch with myself, my life, my environment, my tribe, my destiny, my passion, my CALLING! 💖💖💖

—>>> Can I question why I do the things I do…. that DON’T Serve me❓❓❓

👉 Why I keep running the same patterns and strategies over and over thinking I’ll get something different….

👉 Why did I create those patterns and strategies in the first place….

👉 Why do I continue to allow them to control me now….

—>>> Can I question how I’m spending my money and my buy/shopping habits❓❓❓

👉 Do I want to keep buying products that I know that damage my body and my immune system and that of my families… because of the marketing and the sugar additions?

👉 Do I want to support that big heartless companies with my dollar or do I want to give more to small family owned businesses, that have integrity ?

👉 Do I need what I’m buying or am I buying it to fill a gap or whole in my life that I am avoiding looking at?

—>>> Why do I continue to switch on to the media who goal is to sell me fear❓❓❓

👉 Could I get my information from another sources who’s livelihood isn’t connected with me being afraid?

👉 Could I engage with a smaller amount of it…. because fear doesn’t help me stay health, well, centred?

👉 Could I instead spend time with myself in as much nature as I could access right now?

—>>> Why don’t I take a step back from what is right in front of me and take a different new look from a different angle ❓❓❓

👉 What might I see that I currently don’t right now?

👉 What am I open to seeing that Im currently not open to right now?

👉 What might happen if I think about this differently to who I am right now?

The great awakening is about breathing 🧘🏻‍♀️ connecting into you 💝 seeking the truth 👀 engaging consciously, turning off your auto pilot…

…. And asking good QUALITY questions….

❓❓❓ ❓❓❓ ❓❓❓

Opening your EYES 👀 , EARS 👂👂and HEART ❣ …… Looking up and seeing the world 🌎 🌍 🌎 that we have been a part of creating and ASK the hard questions of ….. do I want to continue to contribute to it being this way???


Do I decide something different!!! 

Do I decide that now is my time 🕰 …. my time to turn my torch 🔦 on to the darkness, stop hiding from the pain 💊 …. Stop trying to point the finger 👉 in blame …. Step up and take responsibility from my part…. Start switching 💡 on my heart 💓 and caring in a new way….

Life as we know it IS over…. we CAN NOT go back …. what will YOU do with your future and what will YOU do with this time…..

Will you be one of people that embraces the great awakening and look at things different and start to question EVERYTHING???

The CHOICE is yours….

Much love and many blessings

💋 🤗


—>>> Question EVERYTHING, Start TODAY

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