Traditional Cooking

When I first started working as a health coach and then as a naturopath, one of the things that kept hearing was … “I don’t know how to make that”…

For me this was a surprise, because for me- I’ve done it a hundred times and it was second nature to me… and I hadn’t realised that for others, they maybe hadn’t learn those skills… 

…Or the skills of being able to adjust a recipe, convert a recipe or transform a recipe…. Along with how to turn those left overs into another meal. 

And that’s when I realised that I needed to start teaching people how to do those things. 

…Which is the birthing ground for The Traditional Cooking Classes!

Traditional Cooking

GAPS Protocol

When a client starts doing GAPS it can be a huge learning curve for many… Learning to eat differently, learning to cook differently, and learning to listen to your body…. 

Which can create a whole world of overwhelm. 

The traditional cooking classes are aimed at taking away some of that overwhelm, move you into action and teach you how to eat in a healing way… and also have a life!


How will it work...

I want to teach you Real Life cooking… 
So therefore I’ll be teaching these classes originally in real life. 
These classes will take place on facebook live through the day, as I’m actually cooking for my family,  

Along with a live zoom 4x Q&A and requests session on Friday Night’s at 8pm. 

Once the entire month is finished, the videos will be edited together, so you can easily watch one recipe from beginning to finish, along with the recipes to go along with them.  

This is where those that jump in early get the most out of these classes with all the behind the scenes info on setting up the day, the food, and the meal plans…. along with making recipe requests.

Videos will start being released from the 1st of June, and full classes begin on the 27th of June. 

For a whole month

what will we cook?

We will be walking through the basic recipes, skills, and planning that I use for my family for the intro stages of the GAPS diet, full GAPS and Traditional Cooking…
Meat Broth
Bone Broth
Making soup.
Creating a stew
Poaching meats

Things to expect:

Using your slow cooker to make life simpler.
Rendering fat
Making Sauerkraut
Meatballs and Gravy
Paprika Chicken
Milk Kefir
Water Kefir
and so much more…. 


P.S.! Winter is the BEST time to start

a GAPS or Healing Journey

Ready to Join?
Full kickoff on the 27th June!

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$ 129 One time payment

Payment Plan

$ 22 6 x Weekly

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